When someone talks about discipline the immediate thought that runs across a brain is military. Immediately a picture of a military march past or drill stands in our brain and awestruck we say what a disciplined drill this is. Well, let’s define discipline. The dictionary or literal meaning of discipline is – “The discipline is training aimed at improving physical power, strengthening self-control, producing obedient people.” In simple words, it can be explained as doing what is told to us and strictly following or obeying the given instructions

Discipline isn’t some magical gene you get from your parents. It’s a skill you learn, just like riding a bike. And guess what? Everyone can learn it! It is an acquired quality. Every parent must inculcate in their child the quality called discipline.

Discipline isn’t about being a robot. It’s about having the willpower to do what you know is right, even when it’s tough. It’s about getting that extra push to finish your homework, even when your mind gets diverted to a new video game or instances like it. We all learn the most when we’re young. It’s like our brains are sponges, soaking up everything around us. That’s why parents have a big job when it comes to teaching their kids about discipline. Imagine a little kid learning things like – setting a bedtime routine, helping with chores, or practicing a musical instrument. These might seem like small things, but over time, they add up. They teach kids the value of hard work, sticking to a plan, and achieving their goals.

When you’re disciplined, you’re more likely to make healthy choices, stay out of trouble, and become a responsible citizen. Imagine a world where everyone had a little more self-control or discipline. Fights, robberies, and grievous crimes might all start to disappear. Now that’s a superpower worth having!

Sure, the old saying goes, “Discipline leads to success.” But it’s not just about blind obedience. It’s about building the strength to be your best self, one step at a time. So, the next time you think about discipline, remember, that it’s not about being a robot soldier. It’s about having the power to take charge of your own life!


Mr. Sanjit P. Kamble

(Asst. Teacher – SSPM Primary Day School)