As per rules the School forms the Parent Teacher Association. Parent of every student in the school is the member of the Parent- Teachers Association and an annual amount of rupees fifty in case of urban area, shall be collected from each member of such Association.

The AGM of the PTA is held once year within One month of the School reopening.

In the Academic Year 2023-24 the AGM was held on the 8th July 2023 in the School. A Parent Representative was elected form each class and an Executive Committee was formed. The tenure of the Executive Committee is one Academic Year. At the end of the Academic Year the Committee gets dissolved automatically.

The Executive Committee consists of:

(i) Chairperson Principal or Head Master
(ii) Vice-Chairperson One from amongst the parents
(iii) Secretary One from amongst the teachers
(iv) Two Joint Secretaries [One parent and one teacher]
(v) Member [Minimum one parent from each standard and not more than two parents from each standard subject to maximum of thirteen parents of the school, one teacher from each standard subject to maximum of ten teachers and one representative of school management]
[Provided that, total number of parent members shall always exceed by one than the total teacher members and member who is representative of the school management]


Executive Committee of the Parent Teacher Association: Academic Year 2023-24

Sr. No. Name of the Committee member Designated as Parent /Teacher
1. Mrs. S. P. Chareja Chairperson HM
2. Mrs.Manali Nimbalkar Vice Chairperson Parent of I A
3. Mr. G.B.Ghogare Secretary Assistant Teacher
4. Mrs. Pooja Tikone Joint Secretary Parent of III C
5. Mrs. Tanuja Ranawade Joint Secretary Assistant Teacher II C
6. Mrs. Ruchita Pansare Member Parent Of  I B
7. Mr. Harshal Jadhav Member Parent Of  II A
8. Mrs. Nida Shaikh Member Parent Of  II  B
9. Mrs. Deepali Bandal Member Parent Of  III A
10. Mrs. Rekha Bhagwat Member Parent Of  IV B
11. Mrs. Tanuja Pardeshi Member Parent Of  IV C
12. Mr. Dhawal Jitkar Member Representative of School Management
13. Smt.Anita Mundhe Member Assistant Teacher     ( I A)
14. Mrs.Anju Karale Member Assistant Teacher     ( II B)
15. Mrs.Sarita Mitkari Member Assistant Teacher     ( III C )
16. Mr.Sanjit Kamble Member Assistant Teacher ( IV C)


The meeting of the Executive Committee of the PTA is held every 3 months.