All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society (AISSMS) was established in 1917. The society has a distinctive mission and a history that has made it a leader in the field of education. The institute lies at the prime location behind pune station area in a sprawling campus.

Everything around AISSMS echoes the vision of the founders and process of change they initiated. Education today not only focuses on imparting knowledge and skills but also on the overall development of the students. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and dynamic faculty. AISSMS is marching ahead in all avenues of education right from primary schooling to specialized technical institutes. I quote ‘strategize and manage your “business” just as in “Battle” for growth’ by Sum Tzu.

We aim to build outstanding business  leaders who will make a marked difference to their organizations and society and continue to do us proud.

. Shri Shrimant Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, President – AISSMS

All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society was conceived by Rajarshi Shri Shahu Chhatrapati Maharaj in 1917. Today at AISSMS, we continue the colossal tasks of social reform through education as initiated by him. We try to maintain the high set by him, follow the rich traditions, emulate his principles and thrive on his ethos and philosophy of education. His principles have served us well. Today our work in education, in engineering, management, pharmacy, hotel management and catering technology reaches people all over the country and the world. Our student community extends far beyond the AISSMS campus, with sizeable alumni around the globe. The AISSMS has a distinctive mission and history that set us apart from the other educational societies. The major challenges of our age are increasingly shaped by science and technology and by daunting problems of quantitative analysis and complex synthesis. With the AISSMS experience in interdisciplinary skills, the society has a unique opportunity and a deep obligation, to make a critical difference – by creating the innovations, fueling economy and educating the leaders the world needs now. In addressing these needs, we draw on an unwavering drive towards excellence, spirit of innovation, culture of collaboration and a commitment to making the AISSMS education accessible to all, we have the talent and ambition to benefit from our programs. We ensure that our students are able to connect new information to old information to be better able to learn, understand and retain information. We strive to develop every individual to his or her full potential. The enterprise of civil society depends on educating young people to become responsible, thoughtful and enterprising citizens. At the AISSMS we strive to groom students into would-be leaders of the industry and the nation that India would be proud of. We have left no stone unturned to give the best in terms of faculty and infrastructure. I welcome all the students joining us at the AISSMS’s SSPM Primary Day School to become a part of our fraternity and promise them a rewarding experience they shall cherish and relish for the rest of their lives.

Shri Shrimant Malojiraje Chattrapati, Honorary Secretary – AISSMS


A school is the basic foundation of the education system aimed at developing educated cultured and awakened citizens to build any nation. SSPMS has been contributing to the same for the past 44 years.

All round education and development of every student is the aim of our institution .Special emphasis is always given to molding our students to be the value based individuals for the nation and the world. Punctuality, discipline, cleanliness, courteous behavior and smart turnout are some of the qualities inculcated in the students.

A sportsman spirit is imbibed in the students through various Curricular and Co curricular activities like poetry recitation in English and Marathi, Elocution Competition, Handwriting and Drawing, Story telling and many more. To bring the blooming buds close to our culture we celebrate various festivals like Diwali, Bhondla , Guru Pournima , Saraswati Puja , Christmas thereby inculcating the value of respect towards all religions. An opportunity is also given to the students to participate in competitive exams like NSO, IEO thereby giving them an exposure in the tender age to a healthy competition.

Today in this world of space scarcity, we have a beautiful play ground where the children play and be with the nature.

So in a true sense we are working towards our mission of NOURISHING the body, mind and soul.

Let you as parents, together with your ward / child and the School make this venture of NURTURING up the child a success.

May the Shivajian banner always fly high!

Mrs. Shanti P. Chareja, Headmistress, SSPM Primary Day School