std III project

*List of projects for Std 3rd  **

Subject Roll Nos. Topics Page no.
English 1 to 4 Festival album-L no- 20

Write information on any 1 festival,also stick pictures for the same.

  5 to 8 Information on any 1 Olympic medal winner (reference L no-7)
  9 to 12 Bravery award winner-Write any 1 story (reference L no- 15)
  13 to 16 Any 10 proverbs  (L no-18 Q-6)

Find out any 10 proverbs and make a decorative chart.

Maths 17 to 20 Making table chart by addition pattern using 2 smaller tables Page-28
  21 to 24 Geometrical shapes Page-4
  25 to 28 Measuring devices-for measuring length,mass and volume.
  29 to 32 Three digit number

(Students can use any objects like thermacol balls,buttons etc.)

EVS Make a chart on-
49,50 1)The food of plants
51,52 2)Why do we need food?
53,54 3)The food of pet animals
55,56 4)Carnivours and Herbivours animals
  57,58 Make a chat on kinds of animals-

1)Animals that suckle their young ones

2)Animals that fly

3)Animals that stay in water

4)Animals that creep and crawl


  59,60 Make a chart or a model of animals and their shelters
  61,62 Make a chart or models of instruments of measuring time/history
  63,64 Make a chart or model of traditional & modern farming implements.
  65 to 67 Make a chart or model of

L-9  ‘My School’ (Reference)

Great leaders & their work for education

68 to 70 Public place in school or facilities provided in school.(pg 115)
Marathi 33 to 36 थोर पुरुषांचे १० चित्रे


37 to 40 वेगवेगळ्या फुलांची चित्रे चिकटवणे
41 to 44 आकाश रात्री व दिवसा कसे दिसते ते सचित्र दाखवा


45 to 48 पाण्यात चालणाऱ्या वाहनांची चित्रे काढा व नावे लिहा


***SUBMISSION DATE-28/9/2017***