std II project

**List of projects for Std 2nd**

Subject Roll Nos. Topics Page no.
English 1 to 6 Prepare a short story describing yourself (Your own story) Page-35-37


  7 to 13 Prepare a Greeting card on Festival Diwali.
  14 to 20 Activity :- Half-circles  (cut out circles)
Maths 21 to 27 Prepare model of tens and units. Take 5-6 examples Page-23
  28 to 34 Chart on addition sums
  35 to 41 Take some empty match boxes one each match box, paste a picture of your family member. Arrange the match boxes in ascending order of their ages & make a train of these boggies .
EVS 42 to 48 Prepare a chart showing different types of Cereals/pulses/vegetables/fruits Page-

25 -26

  49 to 55 Prepare chart showing how to take care of our five sense of organs or

uses of sensory organs

  56 to 62 Make a chart with pictures of the dresses worn by women in different parts of India. You may also draw and colour them.
  63 to 69 Make a chart showing different places of worship Page-50-51
Marathi 70 to 76 आपले शरीर पान क्र ६०
  77 to 80 चार्ट तयार करणे – पध्दार्थच्या चवी व पदार्थ ओळखा

***SUBMISSION DATE-28/9/2017***