Annual Sport Day

Sports Day was celebrated from 28th November 2022 to 30th November 2022. Track events for students were conducted as follows :-

Std I  =  50m running and 50 obstacle race

Std II = 50m running and 50m skipping

Std III = 50m running and 50m sack race

Std IV = 50m running and Relay race


All students participated in the track events and in each event winners were awarded with the Gold, Silver and Bronze with a certificate respectively.

Kabadi was conducted under the group games activity for std IV

The students participated in the event with great pronoun and enthusiasm.

On the Final Day i.e the 30th November, the Event was opened with lightening torch followed with a parade. Each std presented a drill.

Std I – presented a musical drill with pom poms.

Std II – Performed with rings

Std III – displayed the drill with dumbles.

Std IV – Presented Yoga with Music.


The Students had a great time participating and enjoying all the events.