Poetry Competition

July 20th 2018: English Poetry Recitation Competition.

The English poetry recitation competition was held at SSPM Primary Day School in the activity hall on 20th July 2018.Students of all standards from Std I to Std IV , enthusiastically participated by displaying their skills in poetry recitation.
Students recited the poems with actions and excellent voice modulations . The outstanding performances were felicitated by giving medals and certificates.

Following were the deserving candidates:

Std Class Student Name Prize
I I A Alfiya Shaikh 1 st
IC Durva Velhe 2 nd
IB Kartik Mahajan 3 rd
II II B Yug Rane 1 st
II A Aidha Pathan 2 nd
II B Yashraj Agale 2 nd
II C Aditya Shelke 2 nd
II C Harshada Shevte 3 rd
III III A Anushka Patil 1 st
III B Arya Waikar 2 nd
III B Mehdiraza Sayyed 2 nd
III C Mandar Kamble 3 rd
IV IV B Vedant Salunke 1 st
IV C Niruti Banbare 2 nd
IV A Naitik Agarwal 3 rd