Palkhi Celebration

Palkhi Aagaman celebrated on 27th June 2023
The Indian cutlture is vast and diverse and more over Maharashtra has been blessed with Saints during the era of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. These saints have got the warkari sect in the culture of Maharashtra who with the chants of Vittala walk almost 200kms with lakhs of people on foot to Pandharpur. To just get the feel of Palkhi our school too celebrated Palkhi Aagaman in the month of June 2023 for students to understand our culture and enact the Palkhi within the school premises. Students actively participated by carrying handmade palanquins and basil shrubs.

Palkhi is a very important cultural celebration of the State of Maharashtra commemorating the deeds of the saints of Maharashtra and their teachings of how to lead a simple , humble and content life . The School always takes lead in bringing the culture in students life so that they know the Indian culture and its Importance . Palkhi was celebrated in School in the month of June 2022.