International Yoga Day 2024-25

The International Yoga Day celebrated on 21 st June 2024

The International Yoga Day 2024-25 was celebrated at AISSMS SSPM Primary Day School on Friday, 21st June 2024. Students from Standard I to IV actively participated in the celebration. Standard first and second were taught Pranayam exercises to enhance their focus on breath and develop positive effects like increase in calmness and harmony. Students of standard third and fourth were taught various yogasanas with warmup exercises.
Asanas like Tadasana, Tiryak tadasana, Kati chakrasana, Trikonasana , Bhujangasana , Balasana, Janu shirshasana, Setu bandhasana, Padmasana were taught to students through Visual aids. Students attentively performed the asanas and understood the importance of yoga. The school headmistress Mrs. Shanti Chareja also encouraged students through her speech to practice yoga exercises and meditation regularly for good overall physical and mental health.