Quiz Competition

Quiz Competition conducted on 19th February 2024 and 20th February 2024:

The SSPM Primary Day School conducted the Quiz Competition on the occasion of celebrating Shivjayanti. Three teams A, B and C  competed against each other with four participants in each team belonging to different houses. The winners were judged by scores for correct answers. The Quiz was based on three rounds –  general round, passing the baton round and the rapid fire round.

All the students participated with great enthusiasm and contested keenly. The students not only gained knowledge but also enjoyed answering the varied questions compiled for them. The deserving teams were adjudged as winners who were then felicitated with a medal and certificate by Hon. Headmistress. The students were congratulated for their success and were wished the best for their knowledge endeavors.

Following teams were adjudged the winners of the Quiz Competition:

Winner Team Name of the Participants
I – B Tanushree Emarate
Rihansh Jadhav
Vivaan Adhav
Antara Kamble
II – C Manasvi Jadhav.
Viraj Ghadge
Utkarsh Gaikwad
Arshiya Shaikh
III – C Siya Kharat
Viraj Mahajan
Arnav Suryawanshi
Pawar Aarohi
IV – C Salman Shaikh
Sarthak Mali
Tanishq Rathi
Tasbiya Bangi