Manache Shlok Competition 2023

Marathi Poetry Recitation Competition conducted on 28th July 2023

The school encourages the students to learn the second language (Marathi) . In perspective of exposure to the second language , the Marathi poetry recitation competition was organized for students on 28th July 2023. Students recited beautiful poems with intonation, vice modulation and actions. The winners were felicitated with medals and certificates.
The winners of the competition were as follows:

1st Pansace Agastya I B
  2nd Tanushree Emarate I  B
3rd Antra Kamble I B
3rd Swarali Shinde I C
1st Pijush Gore II C
2nd Pranam Gajmal II C
2nd Pranjal More II C
3rd Yukta Nanekar II A
 3rd Pranamya Chavan II  B
1st Slesha Badekar III A
2nd Daksh Sakat III B
3rd Vedant Pawar III A
3rd Arohi Patole III C
1st Sheiraj Kachare IV A
2nd Mahi Chavan IV A
2nd Tanishq Rathi IV C
3rd Nilambari Pawar IV A
3rd Aashna Shaikh IV B