Project Topic List September,2017

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**List of projects for Std 1st**

Subject Roll Nos. Topics Page no.
English 1 to 6 1)Things that go together (children can stick pictures and present it like match the following) Page-11



  7 to 12 2)Forming words from letters(take letters cut out from old magazines and form the letters) Page-16


  13 to 18 3)Colour chart with names of colour(children can add more colours of their choice) Page-14
  19 to 24 4)Things in my classroom (stick pictures of things and name them) Page-13
  25 to 30 5)Singular-Plural (one-many)(can write them by sticking pictures) Page-19
Maths 31 to 36 1)Prepare model of before,middle and after numbers.(it is just like wall hanging)


  37 to 43 2)Make chart of currency notes & coins

Eg:- 5 rupees

  44 to 50 3)Make chart of addition Page-36
  51 to 56 4)Make chart on smaller-bigger numbers Page-29
EVS 57 to 62 1)Parts of body
  63 to 68 2)Our needs- Food, water, clothes,house
Marathi 60 to 74 1)Make a chart on अ to अ : letters with pictures
Computer 75 to 81 1)Make chart on Parts of computer


***SUBMISSION DATE- 28/9/2017***

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